aaron z. lewis

hello, web surfer – welcome to my little oasis on the information superhighway. i like to make familiar things feel new and new things feel familiar. i used to design digital products for Uber and for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. now, i’m writing about media ecology, meme warfare, and cyberpsychology. you can catch me on Twitter, email, Are.na, or my newsletter.

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Metaphors we believe by

A tour through modern-day cyber mythology. Who are the “gods” of our hyper-technological culture, and what’s their relationship to the deities of old?

You can handle the post-truth: a pocket guide to the surreal internet

How do reality bubbles get created and distorted, and how might we begin to bridge the divides between them?

Being your selves: identity R&D on the pseudonymous internet

What happens when the internet gets inside of us? How does our media tech re-shape our identities?

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Selected projects

Hillary for America

How can we help volunteers discover easy & impactful ways to get involved?

A volunteer signup site that scheduled ~30,000 shifts during the final weeks of the campaign.

UX research & product design

Uber for Business

How can we empower organizations to transport underserved communities?

A web app that allows organizations to arrange transportation for customers and patients who don’t have smartphones.

UX research & product design lead

Hillary for America

How can we inspire young voters to amplify our campaign’s message?

An app where supporters created and shared their own custom “Love Trumps Hate” videos.

UX research, copywriting, & product design

Hillary for America

How can we make it fun to donate to the campaign?

A site where Hillary donors signed up to automatically contribute to the campaign every time Trump tweeted. As seen on CNN, Adweek, and Mashable.

UX research, copywriting, & product design lead

Khushi Baby

How can we improve vaccination records in the developing world?

A successful $31,000 Kickstarter campaign for an NFC necklace that makes it easy to store and retrieve digital vaccination data. As seen on NPR.

Copywriting & campaign management