These are a few of my favorite things  //  "Your future self is watching you right now through your memories" —Aubrey de Grey  //  "Don't drive today with yesterday's map"  //  "You're not stuck in traffic, you are traffic"  //  "I dare you to get close enough to me that we both change" —Toby Shorin  //  "Navigate to become a better map"  //  "Another person is always deeper than you can imagine. Locate your love in that bit you can't see instead of the image you know." —Josh Morin  //  "Be the hard-to-define genre you want to see in the world" —@literalbanana  //  "The work of historians is to reveal continuity where we have assumed something to be ended" —James Carse  //  "Time is one spreading ring wrapped around another" —Richard Powers  //  "First we make our tools, then our tools make us, then we make our gods"  //  "Make something worth wandering towards" —@simonsarris  //  "Anything real begins with the fiction of what could be"  //  "Tenses are a way of ordering the chaos around time" —Audre Lorde  //  "Be so prolific you don't recognize yourself" —@visakanv  //  "The wound is where the light enters you"  //  "Inasmuch as the future is always surprising, the past is always changing" —James Carse  //   "If we are nothing more than nodes in networks these days, we should all illuminate our most essential transmissions" — Erik Davis  //  "To act on the future, you need to start by changing the past"  //  "Art is beginning a sentence without knowing the ending" —@utotransluscence  //  "I think I believe in making yourself irrelevant as an almost spiritual quest. Every time you open a book that nobody has recommended, you hope that you'll find that secret voice that you needed to hear, that nobody could have told you was there." —Caleb Crain