Two questions on the future of design

Can a web design be as timeless as a book design or a piece of artwork? We revere the centuries-old Gutenberg Bible and the Mona Lisa. But we laugh at web designs that are only a few years old. Will the craft of web design be subject to the whims of ever-changing trends and fashion and style? What would it take to make a web design timeless? The foundational principles of graphic design certainly haven’t changed in the last twenty years, so why are there so few websites that have stood the test of time, aesthetically?

What will mobile OS designers steal from wearable OS designers? Many of the latest developments in Mac OS X were clearly inspired by iOS. New form factors free designers from established ways of thinking. The shift to mobile spawned interesting new interaction ideas, which were then brought to the desktop. It will be fascinating to see how wearable OS design informs the next generation of mobile OS design.